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hello there! I'm Brie. Im 16 and from CT. My blog is mostly country related things with a lot of horse posts! If you want me to check out your blog PM me! Have a lovely day.

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To all horse people or barn people:
Please DO NOT leave bailing twine around your barn! At my barn during morning feed, I walked into a stall to find this. A horse with the twine wrapped under his shoe, stepping on it with his back feet nearly falling over. Not only was that bad enough but if ingested, horses can colic severely from it. So please! Be careful and pick up these pieces!!


If she’s having bad day, take her down backroads, pull to the side of the road, and dance to some George Strait. It could make her day much better.

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I don’t dance, But here I am
Spinning you around and around in circles
It Ain’t my style, but I don’t care
I’d do anything with you anywhere
Yes, you got me in the palm of your hand
Cause, I don’t dance


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